Save the Humans is a bipartisan coalition of young humans who believe our species is worth saving. We are farm kids and city slickers, gun lovers and gun control advocates, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, army brats and anti-war protesters, dark skinned and light skinned, Evangelists and atheists, Republicans and Democrats and everything in between. And we all agree on one thing: if we don’t stop climate change, all our other issues are moot.

We are 17 million first time voters who will prioritize climate action when we pull our first levers and mail our first ballots.

Together, we demand action from politicians, companies, schools, employers, our parents and ourselves.

We believe in a 100% renewable future that is equitable, just and safe. And we believe we can get there if we put our human brains together.

They may call us Generation Z, but we refuse to be
 the last.

Join us in our fight to save the humans.